Here is the list of the students that I supervised since 2009; blue means ongoing, green means completed.

Firstname Lastname Started Duration Degree Subject
Loong Kuan Lee January 2019 PhD Concept drift and graphical models
Angus Dempster January 2019 PhD Time series classification
Ahmed Shifaz January 2018 PhD Scalable time series classification
Benjamin Lucas January 2018 PhD Satellite image time series analysis
Jihane Elyahyioui January 2018 PhD Flood modelling
He Penny Zhang November 2015 PhD Smoothing probability distributions
Chang Wei Tan May 2015 3 years PhD Scalable time series classification
Lei Xu October 2015 1 year Masters Time series classification
Farshid Savareh 2014 6 months Honours kDB
Dawei Sun 2013 4 months Honours Interesting association rules mining
Alin Rusu 2011 4 months M1 Finalization of iVisualize
Marius-Valentin Grigore 2011 1 year M.Sc. Software development: Mustic - OTB
Romain Kratz 2010 2 months M.Sc. Relational persistence for geographic databases
Bruno Belarte 2010 2 months M.Sc. Sequences clustering: applications to urban sprawl
Mohamed El Ouardighi 2010 4 months M.Sc. Clustering of urban blocks evolutions
Marius-Valentin Grigore 2010 8 months B.Sc. Wrapping Java of the Orfeo Tool Box
Thierry Wasylczenko 2009 3 months M.Sc. Clustering of symbolic sequences